Custom Fabrication & Manufacture

Permapost Pressure Treated Wood offers many economic advantages. It requires less energy to fabricate, creates less air and water pollution, and is less dependent on foreign sources for imported materials. What’s more, steel may corrode and concrete may degrade in exposed conditions.

Q: What services do you offer?

Permapost consults with architects and designers, then working from their plans we fabricate, treat and ship wood structures such as bridges, benches, handrails, signage, playground equipment, architectural lighting poles and other wood items used both indoors and outdoors. We also supply public attractions across the country, including the San Diego Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Monteray Bay Aquarium and Six Flags over Texas.

Q: Some of our wood is rotting. What do I do?

Call Permapost. Provide us with a description of what you need replaced and we’ll fabricate it to the exact dimension and match the existing structure. Many historical structures have been saved by Permapost's ability to replicate wood components.

Q: What do you need to get started?

Just call Permapost and send us the design plans or specs for what you need. If we don’t feel we can be competitive, we’ll suggest other sources. Otherwise, we’ll provide a detailed estimate and timeline for completion of the work. You’ll receive a quality product correctly fabricated and pressure treated to last a generation.