Your Natural Resource For Wood Bridges.

At Permapost, all our bridges are built of one thing, a deep respect for the environment. The classic quality and craftsmanship of our work has helped us become one of the finest wood bridge manufacturers.

Since our bridges last a lifetime, we design them to blend into the landscape. They’re rugged and handsome, like the country they cross.

We Know The Territory.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our experience and have manufactured a wide range of bridge designs and sizes. Each with different spans, functions, and bearing loads.

Permapost design options include modular, post tensioned, solid sawn timber, glulam, and nail laminated. We can also create customized designs to accommodate specific structural needs. Everything is provided, from the ground up.

It’s worth noting that Permapost is one of the few companies providing both the fabrication and pressure-treating at a single location. The result is time and money saved for everyone.