CUSTOM wood pressure TREATING

Today, questions pop up frequently regarding the design, fabrication and safe treatment of wood structures for public settings. This website (which may give rise to more questions) provides a ground-level understanding of the field. Please call us if you need more information.

Q: Why should wood be treated?

Wood is subject to attack by insects and decay. To assure structural soundness and longevity, wood must be protected with a chemical preservative. Treated wood can last twice as long as non-treated wood.

Q: How do I know which treatment to use?

It depends on the end use of the structure, plus weather, soil conditions, species of wood and other factors. For instance, wood used in swimming pool structures or food-processing facilities would require a different preservative than wood used in the construction of a timber bridge. Wood treated with borates may be appropriate for lumber protected from water such as sill plate, but not for exterior, or in contact with soil use.

Q: Are all treatments readily available?

No. Most lumber firms offer only a few treatment options. At Permapost, we study all treatments and ensure that the safest, most efficient one is used. Plus, our treatment and fabrication are handled at one site saving time and money.

Q: What do you need to get started?

Just call and send us the design plans or specs for what you need. If we don’t feel we can be competitive, we’ll suggest other sources. Otherwise, we’ll provide a detailed estimate and timeline for completion of the work. You’ll receive a quality product correctly fabricated and treated to last a generation.