Wood Preservatives Available


Green-Gard PT™ is a mineral spirit soluble wood preservative. The key active ingredient, Copper Naphthenate, is historically proven and has been used successfully as a wood preservative for over 100 years.

Wood that has been pressure treated with Green-Gard PT™ will provide optimum protection against decay and insects. Green-Gard PT™ is leach resistant and non-corrosive to metal hardware. It gives a high degree of fixation to wood fibers, has low vapor pressure, and, as a result, will provide lasting protection.

The wood treating industry has focused on Copper Naphthenate as the best alternative to restricted-use preservatives.Green-Gard PT™ contains No Dioxins, No Chrome, No Arsen

Download Permapost Green-Gard Pt™ Spec Sheet
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